Survival Cave Food Review

Survival Cave Food Review (Worth It Or Not?)

While many individuals can sow seeds and cultivate food, not everyone can breed their livestock. That is when Survival Cave enters into the picture. They can provide your long-term meat requirements.

Survival Cave targets a specialized niche in the survival food market, and we’ll see how they stack up. We’ll test them to determine whether they’re an excellent canned meat alternative for you and your family.

Food Evaluation Criteria for Survival Cave food:

Shelf Life, Nutrition & Calories, Taste, Packaging Size, Customer Service, and Value for Money are the six criteria we will use to judge Survival Cave food products.

Review of Survival Cave Food

Above all, you must realize that Survival Cave is not your typical food storage firm. This firm only offers shelf-stable tinned meat. They don’t have the same products as other survival food firms.

Canned meats and fish are an essential element of any food storage stockpile, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a prepper’s pantry without some canned fish and meat. The 2020 meat scarcity taught us to be prepared.

Intriguingly, Survival Cave doesn’t provide what everyone else does, but they offer one item that no other survival food business offers. Neither Emergency Essentials nor Mountain House carries their canned meat items, making them a one-of-a-kind find.

They include all of your main meats in two can sizes and may rapidly add many nutrients to your survival food supply.

No other product like it exists. No other canned food compares to the texture and flavor of these tinned meats from Survival Cave.

They are an excellent option for stocking up on canned meat.

What Kind Of Foods Does Survival Cave Offer?

What Kind Of Foods Does Survival Cave Offer

Canned Meats

Canned meats are available for purchase at Survival Cave. They have a variety of meats. They select the tastiest meats and store them in cans for long-term storage.

They have Chicken, Pork, Beef, Turkey, Ground Beef, and Canned Meat Combinations.

14.5oz Canned Meat

These meat cans are a popular survival cave item. They don’t have any meals, or veggies, just meat. In this case, the shelf life is 12-15 years for canned meat.

Each can contains almost 1 pound of cooked, ready-to-eat meat. You can think of it as something that will help you stay alive in an emergency.

28oz Canned Meats

You can store more than 1 pound of meat per can with this size container. These bigger cans are available in all of the variations as mentioned above.

They come at a steep price, around the same as two survival meals from rivals such as Legacy and Readywise.

Mixed Combo Packages

If you’re a true meat lover who doesn’t discriminate between animals, these combination packs are for you. They have a selection of Survival Cave’s canned meats. You get a lot of meat at a reasonable price.

Main Features of  Survival Cave Foods (Worth it or Not?)

Main Features of  Survival Cave Foods

Meal Variation

They have a wide range of tinned meats. Everything from chickens to beef is available, as is ground meat in a can.

Their mixed packs are perhaps their best offering since they allow you to purchase a variety of canned meats for a single price.

Taste and high-quality ingredients

Canned meat may be tasty or devastating, depending on its quality. The icing on the cake is that Survival Cave has numerous positive testimonials from pleased customers about the meat’s quantity, flavor, and texture in these cans.

Cooking Simplicity

This is one of the best features of Survival Cave’s canned meats. There is no need to boil water or wait for meals to rehydrate. When you open the can, the meat will be ready to consume.

You may now reheat it up like other meals, but you are not required to. It is only a choice.

It’s just super easy to cook because there’s no cooking.

Nutrition & Health

There are several diets and nutrition misconceptions regarding what is and is not healthy. Something thing to keep in mind while dealing with meat is that-

Meat has more nutrients than any other food.

You may argue that eating canned meat provides little variety, but meat is an excellent option to keep on board if you had to eat just one item.

The shelf life

It has the longest shelf life of any canned meat on the market. Still, it won’t outlive freeze-dried food because of the variety and options.


Most survival food businesses offer meal packs for around the same price as the 14.5oz meat cans from Survival Cave.

Most food packages are $7.99-$9.99. The 14.5oz cans cost between $12 and $15.

Naturally, these meal packets provide around 4-5 times the calories found in a can of Survival Cave meat. Thus it all relies on your needs and your resources.

Remember that meat has a far higher nutritional profile than chicken flavored rice!

Customer Support

I have a hard time accepting that you can’t reach them directly by phone. Customers get a form to fill out.

The customer service at Survival Cave was mediocre at best. They need a slight improvement compared to the other survival food firms in customer service and satisfaction.


Their inventory is their most vital point. If they offer it, they likely have it in stock.

Where to Purchase Survival Cave Food From? Discounts & Pricing

You can purchase Survival Cave Food here on their official website. (They tend to do discounts sometimes so make sure you check it out on their official website)

Summary On Survival Cave Food

Survival Cave makes high-quality meat cans. You may get canned chicken, pig, beef, turkey, and ground beef. Their items are best used to supplement a solid survival food supply.

In terms of survival food, the Survival Cave’s products are top-notch. The shelf life is impressive.

It’s also good to have a lot of canned meat on hand because that’s what most people will want. A can of meat may go a long way toward assisting someone in need or bartering during challenging times.

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